Our Story

At Sarbani New York, we’ve nurtured a lifelong enthusiasm for fashion and we bring the flair and imagination of modern S.E. Asia to U.S. customers.

Here’s how our journey began: We have always known that S.E. Asia has amazing artists, with a great talent for fashion and design. However, we found that ordering online from other countries simply took too long. An idea began to germinate. Why not approach some of the finest designers, and create a platform to make their wearable art available here in the States?

With determination to choose the very best, we traveled to S.E. Asia and met with several renowned designers, artists, and visionaries in the field. We were simply blown away by the quality of their work.

So began our journey of bringing this extraordinary workmanship to a mass U.S. audience. As discerning curators, we continue to handpick the best designers and their most finely wrought pieces. We ensure that each piece of jewelry demonstrates quality craftsmanship and conveys a high aesthetic.